drone forest - June 21, 2003
"June 21, 2003" was an experiment in process music. Each of the four members of the group at their home studios in California, Colorado, Ohio and New York coordinated themselves to record improvised parts simultaneously at exactly the same time on the longest day of 2003. After the individual parts were layered, a "live" performace of sorts was revealed, almost as though all members were in the same room improvising together.

Guest voices appear on C. Reider's answering machine, Dave Stafford plays guitar, MJB interfaces with cymbals, a Crate bass amp, a RAT pedal, a Casio and an old cassette recorder, and Ian C Stewart sits very still for a long time, until he plays what sounds like a touch-tone-phone-pad-solo on a Chapman Stick.

Download June 21, 2003 (.zip file, 138.6Mb 320kbps VBR MP3)

Mixed and mastered by: C. Reider